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$99.95 -Select Package basic package
FSBO.COM Listing for 12 months
Also Includes:
Unlimited photos
Video Upload
Personal ID Number
Edit or Cancel at Any Time
24/7 Access to Update Listing
$129.95 -Select Package complete package
FSBO.COM Listing for 12 months
Includes Basic Package, plus:
Steel Frame Yard Sign
50 Color Brochures
Brochure Holder
Directional Arrow
$399.95 -Select Package flat fee mls package
MLS & Listing for 6 Months
Listing Syndication to Zillow, Trulia & More Basic Listing Package
Other options based on state
* Agent commission will need to be stated up front upon entering the MLS and averages 2-3%
*Basic and Complete Package also include a free listing on
**Flat Fee MLS package does not include the supplies in the Complete Package. Click here to see full details for your area.


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Q: How do I add my property to
(Note:  You are on the page that shows the listing packages.  Simply click on the package you want to begin creating your listing.)

First click on "Advertise Your Property Now" or on the "Sellers" button.  Here you will see the three listing package options for your property.  Once you select your package you will enter your Contact and Property Information for the listing.  Once you continue to pay, your listing will be immediately activated for all of our buyers to see.  Photos can be added as soon as the listing is activated.

Flat Fee MLS Package:  The form you fill out today is only for your listing.  The MLS listing broker will email you additional forms required by the MLS once your listing has been activated on  Once you submit the completed forms they will activate your listing in the MLS.
Q: How do I edit or modify my listing?
To edit your listing, first log in at the top right corner of any page on or Click Here to Log In.   Please remember that all login information is case sensitive.  Once logged in click on "Edit" next to the listing you want to work on.  Be sure to click the "Save/Update Property Listing" before leaving this page to save your changes.  Successful changes will update instantly on your listing and PDF Flyer.
Q: How do I upgrade my current listing package?

Upgrading to another Listing Package is simple, easy, and instant with  Once logged in click on "Edit" next to the listing you want to upgrade.  You will see a large green button at the top of this page that reads "Upgrade my Package"

MLS Upgrades - will credit $99.95 of what you have already paid towards the Flat Fee MLS Package if you upgrade within the first 60 days of being listed on  The upgrade fee for the MLS within the first 60 days is only $300.

You may also call at 800-690-5802 M-F 9am-5pm EST with your listing ID# and credit card number to upgrade instantly over the phone.

Q: How do I add photos to my property listing?

You may now add an UNLIMITED amount of photos to your listing.  Below are instructions for adding photos.  (Max upload per image is 10MB.  We only accept image files, no PDF or Word files will be accepted).

1. Uploading Photos on Your Own:  Once logged in click on  “Edit” for your listing.  Now click the button at the top of your listing that reads “Upload/Manage Photos”.  Next click on “Upload”.  You will see a pop up box similar to when you attach a file to an email.  Navigate to the folder with your photos.  You can select multiple photos at the same time and click “Open”.  Your upload will begin and you will see the status of each file’s upload progress along the left side of the page.  Once all photos are done they will appear to the left.  You can then ad captions, chose your photos for the PDF Flyer, and rearrange the order.  The first photo on the list will be your main listing image.   

Once photos are uploaded you may simply “Drag and Drop” the photos if you need to rearrange the photos.

2. Emailing Your Photos: You may email your photos to We will be happy to add them for you at no extra charge. If your photos are too large, you may need to email them one at a time.  Please be sure to reference your 6 digit listing ID# when emailing photos.  Photos received after 3:00pm EST will be added on the following business day.

3. Regular Mail:  You may also mail in hard copy photos or a disk, and we will scan them to your listing for you at no extra charge. Please include a self-address stamped envelope if you wish to have your photos returned.

Please mail to the following address:
PO Box 500145
Atlanta, GA 31150

(Please include your Listing ID# somewhere in the package.)

Q: How do I upload a Video of my property to my Listing?

You may upload one video of your property for FREE to any Listing!

Adding Videos: First save the Video file to your computer where it can be easily found. Once logged in click on "edit" for your listing.  Now click on "Upload/Replace Video".  Next locate your video and double click on it.  Your video will post within 10-15 minutes if saved successfully.  The video will not appear in your account.  You will need to view your actual listing as a buyer to confirm that it was uploaded successfully. currently supports the following file types:  .avi, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mp4, wav, mp3. 

If you have trouble uploading your video, please email it as an attachment to, and be sure to include your Listing ID# for faster service. We will add the video to your listing for you at no charge. is unable to edit or enhance any video files.

* only allows for one video per listing. You may delete your current video at any time by clicking on "Upload/Replace Video" to add a new video.

NOTE: Industry data shows that the optimal length for real estate videos should be no longer that 2-4 minutes.

Q: How do I view my listing hit counter?
First log in to your account.  Once logged in you will need to click on "Edit" for your listing.  The listing statistics will appear on the left side column of your account. 
"Number of Views" is the number of times someone has viewed your listing.  Some people come back to view it more than once.
“Unique Visitors” is the total number of individual people who have viewed your listing.
*Note:  One Unique Visitor can come back to View your listing multiple times.
Q: Where can I pick up the necessary contracts and paperwork to sell my property?

Click on the Real Estate Contracts on the Homepage. The Home Sales Package includes all necessary forms to sell a real estate property in your state without a broker.  

Q: How are the “Recently Added Properties” on the home page chosen?
A: will display the seven most recent listings, with at least one photo, on the home page. These listings will automatically be rotated out in real time. Placement on the home page, for any period of time, is neither guaranteed nor available for purchase. Once your listing has been successfully activated online, you will be given a link to add photos and make changes to your listing.

You can also find additional instructions for adding photos above in the question titled: How do I add photos to my property listing?

Q: Messages: How do I check messages sent from my listing?

Potential buyers will be able to contact you electronically through your listing.  Once a buyer has sent you a message, you will receive an email with a copy of that message. The buyer will not know your actual email address until your chose to send a reply. A copy of your messages will be saved under "My Messages" for your convenience.  Once logged click on "My Messages" on the left side of your account.  Once messages are deleted, cannot retrieve them for you.

*If you do not want to have this option available to Buyers, please log in to your account, check the "hide" button next to your contact email address.  This will remove the Contact Form from your listing. 

*Spam/Scams - You can report Spam/Scams through the "My Messages" section and the Compliance Department will block those who are abusing the system.

Q: How do I edit my log in Email and Password?

Once logged in click on "Account Information" on the left side of your account.  Form here you can change your log in email or password.  

To change the contact email for buyers you will need to click on "My Listings" and then on "Edit".  You will see the email field under "Contact Information" for that listing.  Scroll down to save your change.

Q: Scam Emails: I received an email from a buyer outside of the United States. What should I do?

There is no need to forward the actual email to  Messages will be saved under "My Messages" of your account.  Once logged in click on "My Messages" on the left side of your account.  Now click on "Spam" next to the email you want to report. will not respond to customer services emails regarding these types of messages.  You need to report them through your message center.

We have had many great conversations about Internet Scams and how to protect yourself from them on the Blog at 

Q: How do I remove my listing after it has sold?

Once logged in, click on "Edit" for the listing you want to delete.  You will see your "Current Status" along the right side of your listing under the map.  Select "Delete" and then scroll down to save your change. Please note that you will be asked to confirm you want to permanently delete your listing.

* will only keep your deleted listing and photos for 12 months.  After that time period we will not be able to recover that data for you.


Q: How do I receive my yard sign and other supplies?

All Yard Signs and supplies will be automatically shipped out via UPS Ground on the following business day to which your order was received.  You will receive an email from UPS with your tracking number once the package has shipped.  All shipments are subject to UPS weather/holiday delays and scheduling. does not ship to Post Office boxes. Hawaii or Alaska supplies may be shipped Priority Mail and take 5 - 10 business days to deliver.

(Complete Package Listings: The 50 color brochures will not be sent out until at least one photo of your property has been posted online. Instructions for adding photos are provided above in the question: How do I add photos to my property listing?)

Q: Will you wait for photos before printing and sending my 50 Color Brochures?

Yes. All other supplies will automatically be shipped out on the following business day to which your order is received. We will wait for at least one photo before sending the brochures.  Please see the question below on how to change the 5 photos on the brochure.

 All Brochures are created automatically by our system, and cannot be modified.  

Q: May I change the photos that appear on my brochure?

Yes.  The PDF Printable Flyer will automatically pull the first five photos from your listing.  If you would like to change these, simply log in to your account and click on "Edit" for your listing.  Now click on "Upload/Manage Photos" and check the "PDF box for the five photos you want to appear on the flyer.  Changes to your photos save automatically.

You can see a sample of your flyer from the "PDF Printable Flyer" button on your actual listing.

Q: May I advertise my Listing in the newspaper or in an online classified ad?

In most areas, Yes. You will need to provide the newspaper or website with a direct link to your listing. All listings may be directly accessed with any of the following links:

(Replace the xxxxx with your 6-digit ID#)

(Some newspapers may require that you use the http:// and some may not)

Q: How do I order supplies?

Click on the "Order Supplies" tab at the top of any page on  Simply click on your item of choice, add it to your shopping cart, and then proceed to Check Out with a credit card. has many tools to assist both Buyers and Sellers through the selling process.

Q: How do I receive a Virtual Tour with my listing?
A: no longer offers virtual tours.  We recommend going to to see if they have coverage in your area.  

You can add a virtual tour link to your listing at no extra charge.  

Q: How can I prevent telemarketers from soliciting me?

You may register your telephone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Simply click on Register a Phone Number to begin. Please be sure to read all of the terms and conditions to insure proper use of the Do Not Call Registry.

View more information on the Blog at

Q: What is the MLS?

Full details on the Flat Fee MLS service can be found at or  by clicking on the "Flat Fee MLS" tab at the top of any page.  Simply click on your state on the map for full details in your area.

Q: How does the Flat Fee MLS package work?

Once you sign-up for the Flat Fee MLS package, gives the lead to MLSmart Realty, LLC,, a licensed real estate broker in several states, but not all and has nothing to do with the MLS listing after that. MLSmart Realty, LLC will either handle the lead themselves or refer it out to a licensed real estate broker that is a member of your area MLS. Please make sure to ask the listing agent the name and coverage of the MLS they will list your property in. Often times there are different MLS’s that cover the same area. It is your responsibility to ensure this is the correct MLS for your property. Once the forms have been submitted back to the listing broker, the property is listed and assigned a MLS number and there are no refunds. The listing broker will list your property on your local MLS for six months. Once listed in the MLS, you will be responsible for showings, additional marketing, open houses, negotiations, etc. The broker acts as your listing agent, but does not collect a commission (in some cases). By default, their name and phone number will appear on your MLS listing as well as some real estate websites, such as If a broker brings you a buyer and you accept an offer you will need to pay them a commission. All commission is negotiable, but the average is around 2.5-3.5% and will need to be stated up front upon entering the MLS. Once the MLS forms have been submitted back to the listing agent, we are unable to offer refunds. (MLS & is not offered in all areas, please click here  for coverage area & additional details.)

The number of photos you will be allowed in the MLS differ by State.  Please go to and click your State on the map for full details in your area.

Q: Can I upgrade my current package to the Flat Fee MLS package?
A: Yes, you may upgrade to the MLS package. does not keep any credit card information on file. For this reason, you will need to either upgrade online by logging in to your account and clicking on the "Upgrade Package" button or call at 800-690-5802 x2 M-F 9am-4pm EST with your listing ID#, and credit card number to upgrade instantly over the phone.
Q: Does the MLS Package include any supplies?

The Flat Fee MLS Package does NOT include the supplies in the Complete Package.  You can see everything that is included for your area at  Click your State on the map for full details on what is included.  Please note that some States doe not allow the seller to use FSBO signs once they are activated in the MLS.  

Yard Signs, Directional Arrows, Brochures, etc. can be purchased separately from the FSBO Store once your MLS order has been submitted. Please check with the listing agent before ordering additional supplies as certain MLS's have rules regarding signage.

Q: May I add more photos to my MLS listing?

Yes, you may add additional photos to your MLS listing.  Your listing agent will go over fees for this (if applicable) as well as any additional options/services they may offer.

Go to and click your State on the map to see how many photos are allowed in your area's MLS.

Q: When will my MLS listing post on and the other sites?

In most areas, your MLS listing will feed through to and the other sites within 1-3 business days after being active in the MLS. pulls limited information from the MLS and sometimes takes a few days to pull the photo. The listing agent has no control over how long it takes to feed through to  Also, certain property types will not feed through to all of the sites.  Please check with the listing broker before submitting the MLS paperwork.

Q: May I cancel my MLS listing early?
A: Yes, you may cancel your MLS listing at anytime during the 6 month listing period, however the upfront listing fee is not refundable or prorated. Before entering into a written listing agreement with a licensed real estate broker, you should inquire about whether there are any additional fees charged for early cancellation.  Please note - Once the MLS forms have been submitted back to the listing agent, we are unable to offer refunds.
Q: I have ordered the MLS package, what is the next step to get listed on the MLS?
A: We have referred your information to a licensed real estate broker who will place your property in the MLS. They will contact you via email or phone to get started on the required MLS forms (please make sure to check your email and your SPAM folder). Once these forms have been submitted back to the listing broker for entry into the MLS we are unable to offer refunds. The MLS package charge will come through as MLSmart Realty, LLC.
Q: How do I determine the percent commission I am willing to offer to a buyer’s broker?
You will state the percent commission you are willing to offer to the buyer’s broker on the required MLS forms that come from the listing broker.  This commission will be on your MLS listing for all buyer’s agents to see.
Q: Will my MLS listing feed to Zillow & Trulia?

In most cases, yes the property will automatically feed to these two sites.  If your MLS does not cooperate with these sites then you will have to manually add your listing.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this.  It is free and just takes a few minutes to do this.  Here are the instructions...

Enter your property address on Zillow.  Click the link to view your property details.  Next to the map click the button next to "More" that has an arrow pointing down.  From there you can "Claim This Home" so you can edit the property details and also "Post for sale for free".


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Q: Log in Regularly
A: Check your Hit Counter, re-word your description, check for messages, upload new photos, add open houses, etc… (Stay active and regularly update your listing information)
Q: Add Photos To Listing
A: Listings with photos get significantly more activity than listings without. If you have trouble adding your own photos, please email or mail them to so we can add them to your listing for you. (You may add unlimited photos to your listing at no charge)
Q: Add a Property Video to your Listing
A: 75% of U.S. Web Users prefer to watch videos online. Uploading a Video to your listing is free and easy.  The suggested length for a property video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes.
Q: Be Prepared

A prepared seller will have contracts ready for buyers to fill out on the spot, as well as have a mortgage professional to refer if the buyer is not yet pre-qualified.  Click Here for all necesary paperwork required in your State to sell a property without a broker.  

Q: Add a Tag Line to your description
A: Example Tag Lines:  “Reduced”, ”Must Sell”, “Still Available as of xx/xx/20xx”, “Make Me an Offer”. Change this message daily if you have to, just to let the buyers know you are serious about selling your home.
Q: Hold Open Houses

Post Open House dates on your listing using the improved Open House feature.

Q: Be Responsive
A: Make sure you are readily available to take or return phone calls from potential buyers. Expect phone calls from strange numbers and be willing to answer them. Don’t waste time fighting with agents soliciting your business. Simply tell them you are not interested, and end the call. (See our FAQ page for instructions on getting registered on the National Do Not Call List)
Q: Property Brochures
A: Make sure you have a full supply of brochures available for your home. You can print unlimited flyers from your listing or you can order color brochures online from the “FSBO Store”
Q: Yard Sign
A: Upgrade to a listing package that includes a yard sign. This will display a direct link to your listing online for buyers to view more photos and information.
Q: Accurate Pricing
A: The #1 mistake FSBO sellers make is over pricing their home. Just remember you are saving 3-6% more than your neighbor selling the exact same house. Price yourself a little below the market, and still net more in the end without using an agent.